A Wild Sketch Appeared!
July 19th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

So, Pokémon Go finally came out in Canada. Not that it matters much, since pretty much everyone had already downloaded it — except me, because apparently breaking the App store rules is a step too far for my wild and crazy personality. (Ha ha no, it’s because I’m lazy and it was too much work.)

But regardless of how you feel about Pokémon Go, you at least have some opinion. Well, at least we have opinions. And that opinion is “get in my damn Pokéball already you little bastard!” Anyhow, we also made this video. We hope you like it!

Speaking of things you probably enjoyed, we hope you enjoyed the Eldritch Moon Pre-prerelease! If you happened to have missed it, or just want to see my sweet deck again, the replay is now up on the LoadingReadyLive YouTube channel.

And if that didn’t scratch your EMN itch, this week’s episode of Tap Tap Concede features Cameron, Graham and myself talking about our experiences and what it was like to play with the new set!

Other new stuff that came out this week (and there was a lot) — a new episode of Qwerpline: the weirdest morning radio show from the weirdest town north of the Mississippi! Derek has been sent down to cover Nsburg’s bi-quarterly property lottery, and what could go wrong? Trick question of course.

If you like trains, you’ll probably be stoked about the newest episode of Graham and Kathleen’s Japan travel vlog. It’s day seven, and we’re on our way to the small but oh so scenic town of Hida-Takayama!

And finally, if you’re still needing a vlog fix, Graham did a random one, covering a very busy and very interesting day he had being the subject of a shoot himself.

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There’s also a new Feed Dump, a new CheckPoint, a new Sidewalk Slam and THREE NEW CRAPSHOTS.

R.I.P Keg
July 11th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone! It’s Monday and that means it’s time for another blog post!

Last week was an incredibly busy week at the Moonbase. There was a lot going on, but most importantly, we finally put Ian’s Kegerator to the test! We went to Phillips and got a small keg (40 pints) but were somewhat dismayed to discover we needed to drink it all in 5 days because that was the maximum time allowed for rentals.

Luckily this weekend was also the Eldritch Moon pre-prerelease and our assembled guests put in lots of hard and admirable work, i.e., helped us drink all the beer.

Speaking of Eldritch Moon and our special guests, we had the Professor from Tolarian Community College visiting, so of course we had to get him into a magic crapshot.

Of course if you missed the Eldritch Moon pre-prerelease, don’t despair! The replay will be up on the LRR Streams YouTube channel very soon! Until then, feel free to kill time watching all the other videos we put up this week!

First up, Ian and Serge joined me for a very silly Feed Dump. Did you know you can buy silver cake frosting spray and use it to witness yourself like they do in Fury Road? But more importantly, did you know it’s a bad, bad idea?

Graham and Kathleen’s vlog tour of Japan continues with the Day 6 video, covering Chikubushima island and Gifu. This video has it all: fire, stairs, stairs, and more stairs. Also it’s scenic AF.

And I made my grand return to CheckPoint last week with Episode 236, A Spectrum of Censorship. The Korean phenomenon of social eating has come to Twitch, and of course, it’s gotten weird.
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Return of the deadly blog post!
July 4th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen
Hey Everyone, guess what’s alive? It’s the LoadingReadyRun blog!

Starting today, the weekly blog post is back and updating again to let you know what all we’ve been up to. Spoilers, it’s a lot of stuff!

Since we haven’t done one of these roundups in a while, this week I want to focus on new things we’ve been up to. If you’ve been watching our Twitch streams, you’ll no doubt be aware that we totally changed up our Twitch streaming schedule back in April. And if you’re wondering what kind of stuff will be happening and what we’ll be playing and streaming, we now put out a weekly stream trailer! For example,this Wednesday we’ll be playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on Crossing the Streams. Check it out!

Speaking of stuff on Twitch, I really hope you’ve been checking out LoadingReadyLive.

Every two weeks we make… a variety show? An IRL Muppet show? A strange and wonderful thing? Whatever LoadingReadyLive is, it’s a lot of fun. Check out the most recent episode if you’re still confused. LoadingReadyLive is every second Saturday, starting at 6:00 pm PDT.

If you’re not a subscriber to our YouTube channel, you might not be aware that Graham has been putting up weekly travel vlogs from a trip we took to Japan last year. The most recent episode covers our visit to Kyoto’s famous Nishiki covered market, and eating something called Tako Tamago.

And finally, if you’re a fan of Magic the Gathering you’ll definitely want to check out the Eldritch Moon Pre-prerelease on Saturday, July 9th! Join us as we play with our special guests Gaby Spartz, Jimmy Wong, The Professor, Marshall Sutcliffe and Wizards of Coast Community Manager Alison!

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